NEU und empfehlenswert!: "Freedom from Sin" (Study Guide)

Salvation brings about radical change. Now that you’re united with Christ, you relate to sin, temptation, and even death in a radically new way. But that doesn’t mean you’ve been perfected, or that you’re immune to temptation. So how can you live out the reality of your life as a new creation—one who’s been truly set free from sin?


In John MacArthur’s newest study guide, Freedom from Sin, you’ll take an in-depth look at Romans 6–7, unlocking the tools at your disposal for triumphing over temptation. This study guide includes questions to help facilitate deeper study, discussion, and application—making it an ideal resource for either your personal or group study. It’s also the perfect companion to the Freedom from Sin audio series, which you can listen to free of charge at or via the Grace to You app.


Boldly proclaim the truth of life in Christ, as you embrace the Freedom from Sin that is yours through Him alone.


What’s inside:

  • Essential material from John’s corresponding audio series, arranged into helpful outlines
  • Thoughtful questions to facilitate deeper study, discussion, and application
  • High quality, bleed-resistant paper, with plenty of room for taking notes


Bestellmöglichkeit HIER.